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The Sacred Games sequel is about to come out on Netflix. According to the rumours, it is being shot on OnePlus. If this be true, damn! Sacred Games is a Netflix original web series rated 18+ for its language and concept. While it’s getting difficult for everyone to hold their horses, there is this official announcement for you all. The sacred games season 2 will be premier worldwide on Netflix on 15 August 2019. The actors cast in the series are Saif Ali Khan as the inspector, Sartaj Singh Nawazuddin Siddiqui as Ganesh Gaitonde and Pankaj Tripathi as Khanna Guruji. The actors were seen playing the same characters in the first part of the Sacred Games. Not to forget, sacred games is a web series based on the novel written by Vikram Chandra and 2006. The name of the book was also the Sacred Games and season 2 is expected to be more exciting and thrilling as compared to part 1.

Sacred Games Season 2 | Release Date | Cast | Episodes

As per the genre of the novel, the famous TV web series is also crime and thriller based. For everyone who has not seen the past part but is waiting for the Sacred Games season 2 on 15 August curiously just because their friends are doing the same, here is a summary of the first part for you people. It is advised to have an abuse friendly ear since the content is clearly 18+ and a lot of abusive language is a part of the show.

Sacred Games 2 Star Cast

Actor/Actress Role
Saif Ali Khan Inspector Sartaj Singh
Nawazuddin Siddiqui Ganesh Gaitonde
Sobhita Dhulipala
Harshita Gaur
Kalki Koechlin Batya Abelman
Ranvir Shorey Shahid Khan

How to Watch Sacred Games Season 2 Online on Netflix ?

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Sacred Games Season 1 | Plot, Episodes, Summary And Review

In the first part we see how Nawazuddin Siddiqui, who is playing the role of Ganesh Gaitonde, in the web series approaches the inspector Sartaj Singh, whose role is being played by Saif Ali Khan. Ganesh tells Sartaj that is an old acquaintance of his father. Sartaj in the beginning clearly refuses to accept the fact but later on when Ganesh cleverly gives him the evidence of the trueness of his words, Sartaj starts looking for the truth for himself. We see a lot of characters here mainly, Kukoo. Ganesh is taken by this girl named Kukoo and falls in love with her. The story for a few episodes revolve around their romance and how much Ganesh goes out of his league to make Kukoo happy. Later on when he is being asked to marry Kukoo, he accepts the fact that Kukoo is a transgender. He loved her because he believed that she was his good luck for everything. He often mentions in the story that all good that’s been happening to him was because of Kukoo’s magic(Kukoo ka jadoo). The story revolves around how Ganesh Gaitonde tells Sartaj Singh about the fore happening bomb blast in the city. Sartaj does not believe him until a lady police officer starts investigation because of a few murders in the city. When the lady police officer does not reach the murderer, Sartaj overtakes her and starts investigating all by himself. He is also being suspended for the same but he continues investigation and reaches the conclusion in the end. realise that everything Ganesh head been telling was to the point correct and you also finds out why it was so. Ganesh in this whole series, tell Sartaj about his life and why he became a gangster. He tells him about his love life and the illegal ways by which he earned money. In every series we are introduced to a new character who takes us a step closer towards conclusion and confusion. Every time a new character comes into play, it becomes more difficult to put the pieces together and solve the mystery. In the web series, Ganesh is very emotional while narrating the story and each incident that took place in his life. it’s really shown that the man lost everyone whom he loved and now is left alone but still he wants to save this city that took everything away from him. for the same he gives close to Sartaj to look for the truth himself. Sartaj does the same and follows the clues to conclusion but in the end we see that he loses his thumb. That was a terrifying moment. Not that story of part one is summarised here, you are ready to watch part 2 of Sacred Games.

Sacred Games Episodes Index :



Atapi Vatapi






In the whole Part 1 of Sacred Games, we hear abusive words and language, get to see intimacy scenes and clear confusions by linking one character to another. The whole web series is about characters and missing out on any of these would lead to despair.

Not that the first part already got such an overwhelming and great response by the audience, everyone is waiting for the second part which will be out on the 15th of August. The first part was rated 8.9/10 which surely a good score. We all are expecting a rather great response for part 2.

If you people are wondering, why this show is named ‘Sacred Games’, you need to know that the whole show focuses on the lifestyle of Mumbaikars, contrarily torture people of lower castes. Too much Hinduism is shown in the show and most of the stuff is done in the name of religion.

Clearly the part 2 is a big yes for thriller and suspense lovers. Along with the characters in part 1, we will see new faces in the sequence of the series.

Watch Online Sacred Games Season 2  Trailer :

Since it is a Netflix original web series, it will only be available on Netflix. So if you have not yet got your subscription, do purchase it now and start popping your corn. We can bat you will be taken by the cast and acting of the actors and definitely will be talking about the show among your acquaintances for the next few months.

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