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A 2017 tamil romantic-musical movie starring actors Vivek, Aathmika, RJ Vigneshkanth Vijayalakshmi, and Hiphop Tamizha Adhi in a prominent role, Meesaya Murukku (மீசயா முருகு) has made talk all throughout the town in moments that it was released. The actor Adhi of the musical duo Hiphop Tamizha, also having written and directed his directorial debut, stars alongside Aathmika as the female lead with the other after aforementioned actors playing supporting roles in the film. Remade and released in Kannada in 2019 with the movie title, Padde Huli, this blockbuster initially made in the Tamil language is partially a fictional biopic of the actor, director as well as screenwriter himself as he follows his goals to become a popular personality in the field of hip-hop music. Let’s take a closer look into the plot of the movie, its box office collection, and everything about its cast and crew.



MOVIE TITLE:  Meesaya Murukku
ORIGINAL TITLE: மீசயா முருகு (Tamil)


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Release Date: 21 July 2017 (India)
Genre: Biography, Comedy and Drama
Duration: 131 minutes (2h 11 min)
Rating: 7.6
Film Director(s): Hiphop Tamizha Adhi
Writer : Hiphop Tamizha Adhi
Main Cast: Hiphop Tamizha Adhi, Aathmika, Ma Ka Pa Anand


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Movie: Meesaya Murukku full movie HD
Original title: மீசயா முருகு (Tamil)
Premiere: 2017
Certificate: ‘U’ (Unrestricted Public Exhibition) (India)
Age Rating: 7+
Genres: Biography, Comedy & Drama
Audio Languages: हिन्दी Dubbed, தமிழ் (Tamil)
Subtitles: العربية, English, Русский, 中文
Quality: 720p / Standard Definition (SD)/ High Definition (HD)/ Ultra High Definition (UHD or 4K)/ HDR (High Dynamic Range)
Size: 2GB/4.2GB
Nationality: India
Information: Complete
Digital Streaming Rights: Sun NXT
Formats: –
Franchise: Meesaya Murukku full movie online watch free
Resolution: 1280×720 (HD)
Video Codec: H264 / AVC (HD)
Quality Audio and Video: 10/10
Imdb Rating: 7.6/10


Straying away from the classic tale of boy-meets-girl which then escalates into boy-falls-in-love-with-girl, this unique story follows the friendship that turns into love of the main characters, Aadhi and Jeeva, a young boy and girl from Coimbatore who have been friends with each other since childhood. Also offering glimpses into the lives of these characters as per their lifestyles and family mindsets, the plot line further highlights another character named Ramachandran, who happens to be Aadhi’s father who is very supportive of his interests in music. Leading into the life of Aadhi as he grows up and pursues his ambitions and goals, the story takes us into the part where he joins engineering and falls college mate, Nila who is also his childhood friend. However, their love story ends short as Nila is from a conservative family. That being her parents not allowing her to pursue her love interests by taking dramatic measures as to her parents threatening Aadhi and his parents and even locking her at home, preventing any communication between the young lovers. With Nila’s best interests in mind, Aadhi makes the mature decision of letting her go in order to make her live with her parents easier.

Moving further in the plot line, the actor upon graduation decides to move to Chennai in order to launch his music career. Already in the eye of the public from his Tamil raps that he posts on his own YouTube page named Hiphop Tamizha, Aadhi makes a movie ahead by seeking his father’s permission. Though at first his father doesn’t agree with what he considers an absurd choice of occupation, Aadhi expressing his strong interests convinces his father by promising him that in the case that his music does not become recognized a hit, he will return within a year’s time. It being a reasonable gamble, his father agrees and now this is where his passionate expedition commences.

Once Aadhi’s journey starts in Chennai, he puts his utmost efforts in trying to grab any opportunity that he can get but despite everything, all goes in vain. A day before the year he had promised his father passes by, he RJ Ma Ka Pa Anand of popular FM station Radio Mirchi, and where he is given a chance to perform one of his original song’s Club La Mabbu La on his show. Upon completion, he then returns back to Coimbatore to fulfill the last of the promise.  As per his father’s advice, Aadhi enrolls for an MBA degree in Chennai only to know that his song went viral all across the world on various social media platforms. Gaining instant fame, Aadhi once again sets foot on his path in the music industry while promising his father that he will simultaneously look after his academics. At the same time, the story once again focuses on Aadhi’s long-lost love Nila who is on the verge of getting married to a suitor of her parent’s choice. Knowing so, Aadhi pays a visit to his childhood friend and now love in order to convince her to wait for a year so he can take her hand in marriage. Already have waited a year though, Nila refuses and gets married to someone else just as Aadhi then leaves to Chennai again. The film portrays Aadhi using his saddened emotions to finally accomplish his long-term goal of becoming one of the best personalities in hip-hop music and achieving triumph over anyone who has ever doubted him in his journey to becoming what he had set out to do.

A blockbuster hit, indeed, Meesaya Murukku, which translates to ‘twirl the moustache’ grosses a striking ₹12.0 million from 147 shows in the first week it was released alone. With reviews from multi-media corporations such as Sify and the Baradwaj Rangan of Film Companion stating its glory and raw connection to aspects concerning real life, it was no doubt a celebration to the Tamil cinematic industry. To add to its impressive reviews, Hip Hop Tamizha’s debut as a hero even went on to earn a whooping 14.50 crores in Tamil Nadu, making the first-time creation one among a handful number of debutant films to have managed to gross over 10 crores. In addition, the film finished with a distributor share of nearly 7 crores almost doubling what it had initially started with as theatrical rights consisting of 3.75 crores.

However, it is easily accepted that none of this would have been possible without the film’s stellar cast and crew that have made it a success from its making. Which leads us to talk about how according to sources revealed during the initial development of the film, Aathmika was selected to play the film’s female lead, Nila, after coming across her Facebook profile. As with Aathmika, the film served as an opportunity to many new oncomers into the Tamil industry from Hiphop Tamizha Aadhi as the main character Adhithya, actress Vijayalakshmi as Aadhi’s mother, and Kollywood actor Vigneshkanth as Aadhi’s friend Jeeva, with the only established actor being Vivek who played Aadhi’s father, Ramachandran.

Meesaya Murukku Box Office:

Meesaya Murukku was made on a estimated budget of ₹ 1.8 Crore and collected ₹14 crore total .
Week 1: ₹
Week 2: ₹
Week 3: ₹
Week 4: ₹
Week 5: ₹
Total (Domestic/India Nett Collection): ₹
Total (Domestic gross collection):
Total (Overseas 2016):
Total (2017 Chinese release):
Total (Worldwide Collection):

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