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Dangal, the blockbuster Bolllywood movie is a biographical sports drama loosely based on the “Phogat” family, telling the story of amateur wrestler “Mahavir Singh Phogat”, who trains his daughters “Geeta Phogat” and “Babita Kumari” to become India’s first world-class female wrestlers. You can directly watch dangal movie online on netflix and also on youtube movie in full HD format. The film is an emotional journey of father and an inspirational journey of two village girls who made their name in the international arena against all odds.

MOVIE TITLE: Dangal (2016)
ORIGINAL TITLE: दंगल (Hindi), దంగల్ (Telugu), தங்கள் (Tamil)

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Dangal Movie Information :
Release Date: 23 December 2016 (India), 5 May 2017 (China)
Genre: Biographical Sports Drama
Duration: 161 minutes (2h 41 min)
Rating: 8.4
Film Director(s): Nitesh Tiwari
Screenplay by: Nitesh Tiwari, Piyush Gupta, Shreyas Jain and Nikhil Meharotra
Narrated by: Aparshakti Khurana
Main Cast: Aamir Khan, Fatima Sana Shaikh, Zaira Wasim and Sanya Malhotra



Movie: Dangal full movie HD
Original title: दंगल फुल मूवी ऑनलाइन, 摔跤吧!爸爸
Premiere: 2016
Duration: 161 minutes (2h 41min)
Certificate: ‘U’ (Unrestricted Public Exhibition) (India)
Age Rating: 7+
Genres: Biographical Sports Drama
Audio Languages: English, हिन्दी, தமிழ், తెలుగు
Subtitles: العربية, English, Русский, 中文 (Traditional Chinese, English, Spanish, Simplified Chinese.), español
Quality: 720p / Standard Definition (SD)/ High Definition (HD)/ Ultra High Definition (UHD or 4K)/ HDR (High Dynamic Range) and 1080p Bluray
Size: 2GB/4.2GB
Nationality: India
Information: Complete
Digital Streaming Rights: Netflix
Formats: -
Franchise: Dangal full movie online watch free
Resolution: 1280x720 (HD)
Video Codec: H264 / AVC (HD)
Quality Audio and Video: 10/10
Imdb Rating: 8.4/10
Tomatometer: 88%

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The movie opens with “Mahavir Singh Phogat” (Played by Aamir Khan) working in a government office. He was a former amateur Indian pehlwani style wrestler who gave up his passion when forced by his father. He always feels the guilt that he didn’t continue and won any medal for his country. After he got married, he shares his wish with her wife “Daya Shobha Kaur” (Played by actress Sakshi Tanwar) that he want to have son, so that he can train them to win gold medal at international level. For years, his wish to have a son didn’t materialize into reality as her wife gave birth to four daughters consecutively. He then decided to give all hope, putting all his medals and awards into a trunk. One day his two oldest teenage daughter “Geeta Phogat” (Played by Zaira Wasim) and “Babita Kumari” (Played by Suhani Bhatnagar) beats two boys who passed derogatory comments to them. The parents of the boys came to “Mahavir singh’s” house to complaint, who instantly thought that their cousin young “Omkar” (Played by Ritwik Sahore) is the culprit but when he came to know that his daughters are the ones who beat up the boys, he realises their potential. He then tell his wife that he was blindsided all along, that a gold medal is a gold medal, whether it is won by his boy or girl and his girls are not less than any boys.

He then started gruelling training routine for both the sisters starting at early morning hours. He took very harsh steps like cutting their hairs short, no dancing at functions and a tiresome daily routine. He faced backlash from the villagers and wrestling event organizers when he put her daughter’s name to fight against the boys but since there are no girl wrestlers, this was his option. Initially he also faced some resistance from her young daughters but soon they realize that their father cares for them and could fight the world for them. The eldest daughter “Geeta” won many local events, district events, junior and senior level state championship before winning the national level championship. “Geeta” was selected to join the “National Sports Academy” in Patiala to train for international level under national coach “Pramod Kadam” (Played by Girish Kulkarni”).

In Patiala, “Geeta” (Played by Fatima Sana Shaikh), now a young women, started to live independently and disregards the discipline she has been taught by Mahavir. Her national’s coach “Pramod Kadam” training methods and wrestling techniques completely different from her father’s and as a result, she loses every match at the international level. During a visit home, she defeats a visibly exhausted Mahavir in a ferocious bout after mocking him. “Babita” (Played by Sanya Malhotra) reminds “Geeta” of her mistake and that she should respect their father who has gone through all the struggle against the society norms, for their sake. Soon after, “Babita” also wins the national championship and follows Geeta to the academy. After the two sisters have an emotional conversation in which Babita provides her encouragement, Geeta tearfully makes peace with Mahavir.

“Geeta” who has been training months to participate in her next big international event, “The Commonwealth games”, in her usual 55 kg class, was shocked when national coach “Pramod” told her that he according to him she should compete in the 51 kg class and that his decision is final. Upon learning this, “Mahavir Phogat” goes to Patiala with his nephew Omkar (Aparshakti Khurana, rents a house near the academy and begins coaching the girls secretly. When the national coach “Pramod” came to know that “Geeta” is sneeking out of the academy, following mahavir singh’s diet and training; he asked the sports authority to expel the girls. The authority officials issues a warning to the girls but allows them to continue in their weight category. Mahavir is barred from entering the academy, and the girls are forbidden to go out. Determined to continue assisting his daughters, Mahavir rents a small screen theatre and obtains tapes of Geeta’s previous unsuccessful bouts and coaches her by pointing out her errors over the phone.

At the Commonwealth Games, competing in the 55 kg class, Geeta eases her way into the final. Mahavir constantly contradicts Pramod’s instructions while sitting in the audience, and she follows her father’s instructions instead. Just before the gold medal bout, jealous Pramod conspires to lock Mahavir in a closet.

In the bout, Geeta manages to win the first session but loses the second. Trailing 1–5 in the final session and with nine seconds left, she recalls the tactics taught by her father and a 5-pointer, and executes it on her opponent in the final three seconds, taking the score to 6–5 in her favour, thus winning the session, and the bout 2–1. In the process, she becomes the first Indian female wrestler to win gold at the Games. Mahavir returns just in time to embrace his daughters, frustrating Pramod’s hopes of obtaining credit before the news media.

Dangal Movie BOX OFFICE:

Dangal was made on a estimated budget of ₹ 80 Crore and collected ₹29.8 crore on its opening day of release in India. With ₹ 2,024–2,100 crore (US$311–340 million) worldwide gross collection it currently ranks as the “Highest-grossing Indian film of all time”. It is also the first Indian film to enter the ₹ 2000 crore club.

Dangal Box-Office collection:
Week 1: ₹ 197.54 Crore
Week 2: ₹ 115.96 Crore
Week 3: ₹ 46.35 Crore
Week 4: ₹ 15.0 Crore
Week 5: ₹ 8.96 Crore
Total (Domestic/India Nett Collection): ₹ 387.38 Crore
Total (Domestic gross collection): ₹ 538 Crore
Total (Overseas 2016): ₹ 217 Crore
Total (2017 Chinese release): ₹1,344–1,437 crore (US$206 million)
Total (Worldwide Collection): ₹ 2,024–2,100 crore (US$311–340 million)

Directed by – Nitesh Tiwari
Produced by – Aamir Khan, Kiran Rao and Siddharth Roy Kapur
Written by- Nitesh Tiwari, Piyush Gupta, Shreyas Jain and Nikhil Meharotra
Narrated by- Aparshakti Khurana
Music by – Pritam
Cinematography- Setu (Satyajit Pande)
Edited by- Ballu Saluja
Production Company- Aamir Khan Productions and Walt Disney Pictures India
Distributed by- UTV Motion Pictures

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